Natural And Herbal Cure Of Diabetes

By Ashish Jain

With the failure of the over the counter medications, the herbs have re-emerged as the dominant powers in the treatment of diabetes. According to Chinese Medicine, diabetes is not considered as a disease as such. It is a condition of disharmony. The major symptoms are severe thirst and hunger. At the same time, in spite of the excessive hunger, you lose weight. There are many Chinese herbs that were used traditionally for the treatment of diabetes. These herbs are now the subject matter of extensive research. The results of the research are encouraging.

One such Chinese herb that has shown its mettle in the treatment of diabetes is mai men dong. The sole problem in the treatment of diabetes, is to maintain the level of insulin. Research done on this herb indicates its right potential. Through this herb, the Chine


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se researchers have shown the capability to stimulate regeneration of cells. The cells in question are in the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. These are the cells that owe responsibility for appropriate production of insulin. If this process is taken care of, perhaps you are taking care of the diabetes.

Another Chinese herb that has the capability to reduce the blood sugar level is tian hua fen. It is now extensively used in herbal formulations to treat diabetes.

A vegetable extensively grown in India, bitter melon, is known to lower the blood sugar levels. It is dried and then used in the powder form as well. This vegetable has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

There is another important treatment for diabetes, on which not much research seems to have been done, but traditionally, it is very popular. Take fresh curry leaves (4 to 5 leaves), in the morning on the empty stomach, after properly masticating it. Continue with this schedule for about 6 months. Even the chronic diabetes will be cured once for all.

When you are told about the qualities of herbs that have the potentiality to give you relief in your diabetic condition, do not be under the impression that herbs alone will do the job. You need to review your food habits extensively and decide what went wrong with you, which made the entry of diabetes in your body easy and possible. It is no use if you take the herbal medicines on the one side and continue with your junk food and ice creams on the other side. You need to change your lifestyle according to the needs of your body.

The supreme advantage of herbal medicines in the treatment of diabetes is that they have no side effects. If at all they are there, they are not harmful, but beneficial!

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