A Natural Cure For Cancer

By Dr Laurence Magne

Do you realize that one of the most powerful cures for cancer is right over your head each and every day, free of charge? It's sunlight, which is astounding in its ability to prevent and cure cancer. If it were a mainstream drug, it would probably make the cover of Time magazine and be heralded as the greatest medical breakthrough in the history of modern science. It's that good.

The funny thing is that you’ve most likely heard that the sun is dangerous, causes skin deterioration and skin cancer such as melanoma. However, the healing powers of sunlight are essential and often misunderstood.

Sunlight exposure reduces the risk of many cancers by more than 50% and even helps reverse certain types of cancers through the creation of vitamin D in the body. It's a magnificent natural healing modality, and it's bee


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n right over our head every single day. Nature has a way to provide us with everything we need for our well-being. And sunlight is essential to our health. There is even a “syndrome” caused by lack of sunlight in winter in the Northern countries that affects people’s personality, their moods and eventually their health. Yet somehow, after spending billions of dollars on so-called medical research to find "cures" for various cancers, almost no one from the world of mainstream medicine has yet acknowledged the healing power of natural sunlight and vitamin D.

None of them have actually prescribed sunlight to patients, except for perhaps a handful of pioneering researchers. By and large, the medical community has not only ignored this truly miraculous cure for many types of cancer it has worked hard to discredit it.

If there were ever a reason to lose faith in conventional medicine, or so-called modern medicine, it is simply the fact that one of the greatest cures and prevention strategies for cancer goes completely ignored by nearly the entire conventional medical community. It's as if there were a miracle medicine invented, but conventional medical doctors didn't want anyone to find out about it. Why aren't researchers promoting cures that are available for free?

When nature offers a cure that's not likely to produce billions of dollars in revenue like the cancer drug industry, the benefit of the cure are downplayed. A drug company will only promote cures that it can patent and exploit for financial gain. The way it perpetuates the cycle is to make sure that the cancer treatments it controls get a lot more press and hype than any natural treatments. You don't see sunlight promoted in full-page advertisements for its ability to prevent or reverse cancer. Instead, the medical community uses the full-page advertisement for high-profit prescription drugs that have negative side effects and actually kill people.

However, all of us have the power to heal our bodies. Healing is something the patient does, not the doctor. Healing occurs within. Healing is based on faith, on intention and the power of the mind. If you would like to learn more about using your mind to heal your body of cancer, find all the solutions and the results of 25 years of study in Cancer-Free-For-Life.

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